Sharing God's Love in Ware through 10 Years of Free Community Events

About LW:LW

LoveWareLiveWare is organised by a group of Christians from local churches who want to do useful and fun things in our community that celebrate life and bring people together. For ten years we have been proving free community events in Ware:

All events are open to everyone in our community, nothing is asked of visitors: it’s all FREE!


LWLW Disco Feb18th2017

2017 events:

  • 29th April 2017: Community Fun Day, King George Field
  • 27th May 2017: Community Fun Day, Lower Bourne Gardens
  • 26th August 2017: Community Fun Day, King George Field
  • Care Home Visiting (throughout the year)






  For further updates see our twitter feed @LoveLiveWare


Our Community Fun Days are open to all from 11am to 4pm on each of the days. There is no entrance fee (see our Values page for more information about why we do this), and all events are open to all local people of all ages.




Community events are run throughout the year (see calendar, on the left). Previous activities have included fun days (toddlers activities, BBQ, free-cafe, quiet zone, cream teas, boat trips, as well as community action such as litter picking, car washing, football training.


Or, if you have enjoyed a LWLW event close to your home, why not “Pass it on“.