Sharing God's Love in Ware through 12 Years of Free Community Events

Our Values

LoveWareLiveWare came into being following a recognition that many people feel isolated from their neighbours and the wider local community.

Our Core Values Are:

LoveWare:LiveWare events are free

LoveWare:LiveWare events happen where people are: in the heart of the community

LoveWare:LiveWare builds communities through creating events where people can meet each other

LoveWare:LiveWare asks nothing of the people we serve

LoveWare:LiveWare has no overtly Christian content, i.e. we do not “preach” instead we let actions speak louder

LoveWare:LiveWare is organised by a group of Christians from local churches who want to do useful and fun things in our community that celebrate life and bring people together.

All events are open to everyone in our community, there are no hidden catches and it’s all FREE!

So Why Are You Doing This?

The Bible says:  “Dear friends, since God has loved us this much, we must love each other” (1 John 4v11)

God’s love is the reason behind what we do, and we want others to experience that love too.