Sharing God's Love in Ware through 12 Years of Free Community Events

Royal Recognition for LWLW Chair

Royal Recognition for Serving the Community


This summer Alison Jackson was recognised by none other than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her tireless work serving the community in Ware. Just days after this May’s LoveWare:LiveWare events, for which the honour was bestowed, the LW:LW team were delighted that Alison was invited to attend the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Mingling with all kinds of people who help to make this country great, including volunteers from a wide range of services throughout the UK, and some of the sporting heroes from last year’s Olympic games, Alison enjoyed the royal reception with husband Paul, saying “It was really heartening to be surrounded by so many ordinary people being recognised for doing some extraordinary things, we heard some amazing stories and had a wonderful time.”

Alison at Queen's Garden Party 2013

LoveWare:Liveware, which sees Ware’s Churches united together through a joint desire to serve the people in our town, and which is chaired by Alison, has been running for seven years now, showing God’s abundant love to our neighbours through free events that happen in the heart of the community. With a growing team of volunteers, speaking through actions rather than overt evangelism, LW:LW is valued by the town and other local agencies.